Current Boat Positions - Inside

BoatRiver MileDir As of
Bull CalfGulf Intracoastal Waterway (GIWW)-West172.3W/B06/25 12:30MAP
CarolineUpper Mississippi River198.9S/B06/25 13:00MAP
ChoctawHouston Ship Channel386.0S/B06/25 13:00MAP
CoushattaGulf Intracoastal Waterway (GIWW)-West236.5E/B06/25 13:00MAP
Elizabeth LaneLower Mississippi River217.6N/B06/25 13:00MAP
Elly LaneLower Mississippi River140.4S/B06/25 13:00MAP
Eugenie J. HugerGulf Intracoastal Waterway (GIWW)-West141.2E/B06/25 13:00MAP
Eugenie P. JonesLower Mississippi River840.4S/B06/25 13:00MAP
Frank J. GolemiLower Mississippi River104.7N/B06/25 13:00MAP
HamiltonOhio River317.0N/B06/25 13:00MAP
InnovatorHouston Ship Channel380.3S/B06/25 13:00MAP
IntegrityHouston Ship Channel395.5S/B06/25 13:00MAP
Jane MerrickIllinois River278.6S/B06/25 13:00MAP
Joseph Merrick JonesOhio River28.8N/B06/25 13:00MAP
Killian L HugerIllinois River17.5S/B06/25 13:00MAP
Lainey JonesUpper Mississippi161.0/B06/25 06:00
Lake CharlesPort Allen Waterway44.3N/B06/25 13:00MAP
LibertyHouston Ship Channel386.1N/B06/25 13:00MAP
Luke BurtonIllinois River31.7S/B06/25 13:00MAP
Lydia E. CampbellUpper Mississippi River152.5N/B06/25 08:30MAP
Mary Lucy LaneLower Mississippi River952.1N/B06/25 13:00MAP
Merrick JonesUpper Mississippi River161.9N/B06/25 13:00MAP
Ned MerrickLower Mississippi River849.9N/B06/25 13:00MAP
SpiritLower Mississippi River124.1S/B06/25 13:00MAP
Susan J. GundlachLower Mississippi River228.0N/B06/25 13:00MAP
Susan L. StallLower Mississippi River916.8S/B06/25 13:00MAP
Walter HagestadIllinois River29.7N/B06/25 13:00MAP

Current Boat Positions - Outside

BoatRiver MileDir As of
Audrey GuidryWest Canal400.0W/B06/25 06:00
Bill AtkinsonLower Mississippi437.0N/B06/25 06:00
Cajun HustlerLower Mississippi228.0S/B06/25 06:00
Capt AjWest Canal322.0E/B06/25 06:00
Danielle CWest Canal670.0E/B06/25 06:00
Don BolingLower Mississippi204.0N/B06/25 06:00
Edward JulianWest Canal289.0W/B06/25 06:00
Gerald MajorsLower Mississippi490.0N/B06/25 06:00
Hallie M. MerrickWest Canal366.0E/B06/25 06:00
Lady G IiiWest Canal455.0E/B06/25 06:00
Liz SlossWest Canal355.0/B06/25 06:00
Mac Andrew MckinneyLower Mississippi228.0N/B06/25 06:00
Rita AnnPort Allen Route3.0S/B06/25 06:00
Theresa L. WoodLower Mississippi235.0S/B06/25 06:00